F A Q Index

Creeping Charlie in the Turf
What can I do to keep my dog from killing my lawn?
How in the heck do I deal with all these Mosquitos?
How can I attract more Butterflys to my yard?
Does talking to my plants help them grow better?
Why is the Shamrock plant for St Patrick's Day?
How can I make my cut flowers last longer?
What kind of plants make good gifts?
What kind of water should I use on my plants?
Do indoor plants clean the air?
What kind of pots and potting soil should I use   
for my houseplants & Orchids?
How do I provide for my plants when  
I am gone for an extended time?
Is there such a thing as a benneficial insect?
How do I treat  pests on my house plants?
Why is my grass green?
What is Photosynthesis and why is it important?
What happens in Photosysthisis?
What's with all theses Bees in my yard?
Why should I ask my mail man not  
to walk on the lawn in the winter?
What in the world is a Core Aeration?
The Earthworm, are they a problem in my lawn &gardens?
When is the best time of the day to water my lawn?
How often should I mow my lawn?
What should I do with my lawn in the spring?
How short should I cut my lawn?...or rather, we like to think of...  
How long should my grass be after cutting...?
What should I do with all of these grass clippings?
When is the best time to fertilize my lawn?
Why is it important to fertilize my lawn in the fall? 
How the heck do I get all these weeds out of here?
How do I treat Crab Grass & Quack Grass in my lawn? 
What is Thatch in my lawn?
Won't leaving the grass clippings on the lawn add thatch?
Why should I De-Thatch my lawn?
What kind of fertilizer should I use? 
How do I start a new lawn from seed?
How do I start a  new lawn from sod?
How do I keep my trees from being injured?

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