Green Thumb Lawns Inc uses only the finest sulpher coated urea granular fertilizer,  and liquid weed control products.  The products we use are produced for the commercial market by LESCO, Inc. which is one of the United States' largest manufacturer and distributor of a broad  line of turf care and golf course maintenance products for the professional segment of the green industry.  We are a continuing service and will  schedule to treat your lawn on a regular basis throughout the season. We would like the opportunity to meet with you and explain how we can 
improve your lawn and maintain the value of your  investment 

The Lawn Analysis 
A green and healthy lawn begins with an analysis of your lawn: a comprehensive survey of turf and thatch density, soil composition, weed population, and insect and desease activity. This study will determine the customized Program for your situation. This analysis is without charge or obligation and all it takes is to dial this number: 

. Call for free estimate 612-545-1760  Send info by E-Mail to Submit Information  .  



the following is a typical application program for a high maintenence turf grass area.  If you do not have automated irrigation, chances are that you could forgoe one or two applications. 

SPRING: Mid  May. Crabgrass control and balanced granular fertilizer with 20 - 30% slow release nitrogen. Liquid weed control as needed, 
This application has to be applied before the average soil temperature if 70 degrees F 

EARLY SUMMER: Late June through early July. Balanced granular fertilizer with 20 - 30% slow release nitrogen. liquid weed control as needed. 
Depending on the season, how early spring crabgrass germination was, crabgrass controll might need to be re-applied.  If you do not have an auto sprinkler system, you probably can skip this application 

LATE SUMMER -EARLY FALL: September through October. Balanced granular feeding with 20 - 30% slow released nitrogen. application of liquid weed control as needed. 

LATE FALL: October through November. Some lawns will require this 
treatment to maintain good color and thickness. Heavy rate of granular nitrogen to encourage the storage of nitrogen in the root system. Liquid weed control as needed.  REFER TO OUR "FAQ" PAGES FOR MORE INFO ON PROPER FERTILIZING  

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