Landscape Irrigation Systems

A sprinkler system is a complex network of pipes, valves, electrical circuits, components, connections, and sprinkler heads.  Because it serves as the water distribution system for your yard, the design and installation of your system are critical to its success.  It is a complicated process requiring a host of specialized equipment, as well as a background in landscape design and maintenance, and fluid hydraulics.

This is why it is important to have a professional contractor like Green Thumb Lawns Inc with years of experience design and install your system using contractor quality components by Toro (not parts designed to be inexpensive, price competitive and disposable, like the ones commonly available at discount stores) that are designed to withstand the rigors of  the severe environments that we have in Minnesota. 

These materials will provide many years of dependable service! Green Thumb Lawns Inc offers the finest service and installation of  irrigation equipment in the the area. We specialize in TORO  products, and service all major brands. Our goal is to give you the  best products, and the best service available.

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A quality sprinkler  system starts with a  quality design!

This is the most critical   step in installing a sprinkler system. Quality field work means nothing if the designer  doesn't know what he is doing.  We will custom design your sprinkler  system using the latest products from Toro,  We design all our systems by hand; no expensive automated designing systems that over design or completely ignore areas of your yard.  What we offer you is a design that covers 100% of   the areas you want watered. 

Design and estimate: 

To create a quality design we need the following  from you: 

  • A scale drawing of your property including your  house, landscaping, trees, sidewalks, patios,  sheds, etc. When you close on your house you 
    usually receive a Certificate of Survey; otherwise  your city offices building department should have one on file. A photocopy of this is the preferred scale  drawing to give us. On this we can draw in the above list of items.
  • A landscape plan is the next preferred drawing, however, landscapers are not  as accurate with scale as surveyors. Please have copies of both if possible. 

Water pressure readings: 
We will check your available pressure and flow in gallons per minute.  This will determine how much water is available to run your new system, all plans for the system will depend on this information.   Now you need to think 
about where your water supply will be coming from, side of house, back of house, etc.,  and where you would like your controller,  the garage is the         most common location. Please clearly mark these on your scale drawing.

Note: In most areas building codes require that a Back flow Prevention  
Device be mounted just after the water supply exits the house. By code this device must be mounted 12" higher than any sprinkler head in the yard. If it is not feasible to mount this type of device 12 " higher than the lawn, there are other type of back flow prevention devices available.  We can help you determine what kind of device will best suit your situation. 

Green Thumb Lawns Inc does not supply the water source for irrigation,  this must be provided for by the property owner.  We can recommend a licensed plumber for this job.  Any expense related to the water supply will not be reflected in your lawn sprinkler system estimate.  Before starting plumbing  for your water source  make sure you have checked your local  building codes and if necessary pulled a permit.

You have two options for plumbing the water source: hire a plumber, or do it yourself. If  you have ever sweated copper then you  should easily be able to plumb your water source with the information we'll provide.  Click here to see the schematic for the water source. If  you have not sweated copper or are uncomfortable doing the plumbing yourself, then we  recommend that you hire a licensed master  plumber. You can expect to pay between   $250 and $500 for this service including your vacuum breaker. 
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