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We do not offer on call services

We do offer 'intermittent' contracted services if you will be 'away' for periods of time.

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Green Thumb Lawns 2010 -11 Snow Services SnowPlowing

This year the Farmers Almanac is predicting "a snowy and stormy snow season" and that we are looking forward to lots and lots of snow, maybe (depending on which weather forecaster you are watching), the snowiest season in recent history.  This year we are offering a comprehensive full service contract. 


Comprehensive season contract November 01, 2010 up to and including March 31 2011:  All drives and walks* (unless otherwise noted) will be cleared from edge to edge, your drives and walks* (unless otherwise noted) will not shrink as the season progresses!  When less than five but more than 2.0 inches snow fall,  snow service will be completed within eight hours of cessation of snow event.  When more than five inches snow fall accumulation by midnight, drive will be opened up and made passable by 06:30 am.  Walks* (unless otherwise noted) and finish work will be completed within twelve hours of cessation of snow event.. 

Drives and walks* (unless otherwise noted) will be inspected, and if necessary, re-cleared 24 hours after initial finish work has been completed. 

Nuisance snowfall of two inches and less will be performed on call three times at no additional charge. Beyond the three free trips out, the Nuisance Snow Fall Can be cleared for a nominal fee. Please Look At The Nuisance Snow Fall Fee On Your Contract.

This Nuisance Snow Removal Is An On Call Service.

In accordance with Minnesota law, we will carry and maintain all necessary liability, property damage, auto and workmen's comp. insurance.  A company representative will mark drive boundaries only if contract is accepted and paid in full prior to first hard frost and subsequent freezing of ground.  Otherwise, it will be the property owners responsibility to see that drive boundaries are marked.  When wind speeds  or gusts equal or exceed 25 mph,  we will call off snow removal operation until conditions exist which are better than listed above.  Contract deadlines will be extended an equivalent amount of time. 

* Some Snow Service Contracts Are
"PRIMARY DRIVE SURFACE ONLY - NO WALKWAYS" and are marked 'Otherwise noted'

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